Candy Tax

While walking home from trick or treating with my family; hunky hubby, lil police man & precious pumpkin, we told Lil Rev that he's going to have to share his candy with us. He protested and whined "NOOOO WAAAAY!"... And the following convo took place:

Me: it's called a Candy Tax
Lil Rev (LR): what's a candy tax?
Me: Daddy, tell him all about taxes
Hunky Hubby (HH): well a tax is when the government takes 1/2 your money.
I jump in: NO, NOT HALF. like 30%
HH: income tax, sales tax, your mama tax
Me: yeah, you're right, OK continue
HH: So the people work and make the money and the government takes the tax.
LR: OK, got it. I'm the government & you're the workers!

Happy Halloween!



I'm a hot mess - and hot as in sweaty hot. Especially when Precious Baby is screaming crying in public. I get hot, I sweat, it's like her screaming activates my sweat glands and milk glands and I start leaking in more places than one. Anyways, I feel like I am failing at all this right now. Baby girl is almost 4 months old, she mostly sleeps through the night. You would think (or at least I hoped) that we would have settled into a nice routine, I would have gotten the hang of this and considering all of the sleep I'm getting I SHOULD be but... whoa I'm losing it, literally! I'm losing my keys. All. The. Time! Lil Rev even said the other day" Mommy, you are always looking for your keys. You should put them in the same place each time" Genius kid. Genius! The best part about all this is that right by our front door we have a coat closet with a convenient key holder thingy mabobber. But NOOOOO, I have to put them down the 1st place I can; in the kitchen, on the dining room table under all those papers, on the counter under those other piles of papers, in the diaper bag, in the bathroom...

I went to lunch with my sister in law the other day and upon grabbing the diaper bag, Precious Baby in her car seat and what I thought were my keys, I locked the door and closed it behind me. I immediately realized that I had grabbed hubby's keys to our Expedition (with NO house key on the key ring, go figure), but my car had the base for the car seat and stroller - all of which hubby's car did not. LUCKILY my car was open so I grabbed the base and stroller and loaded it all up in the Expedition. I then left for my lunch date and had to tell hubby my failings {again} so I could get the house key so I could get back in the house after lunch. He saved me, once again, and had my house key waiting for me when I was ready to go home. Another key fail

I did laundry. I washed it. I forgot to put it in the dryer. Monday morning Hubby got ready and had no underwear. Hubby wore wet chonies to work. Laundry Fail. I'd hate to admit that this has happened more than once. Mess... really!

I lost my ID. I have this little ID holder that holds me my ATM cards and  driver's license. The other week I distinctively remember Lil Rev handing me my ID; I had my hands full, I was busy doing something, and I put it somewhere.... where? I don't know! I've been on the hunt now looking in my pant pockets, in drawers, in crevices around the house, baskets, my car, the diaper bag... twice, seriously it was no where to be found. I dug up my check book to be able to pay for things in the mean time and guess what? most people want to see my ID when I write a check. Luckily, I play the disheveled new Mom look who "forgot her ID in her purse and doesn't have it in the diaper bag but knows her DL#" real real well! So Mother in Law baby sat Precious Baby while I chaperoned Lil Rev on a field trip and I wanted to thank her for just being so wonderful and a great support, I take her to lunch and guess what? the restaurant doesn't accept checks. Hot Mess. She paid. Failing.
* the topper to my ID debacle is that I found it today!! it was in its "designated spot", in my drawer but was all the way in the back and I had not seen it when I rummaged through it on my hunt.

I've concluded that I'm just getting lost in those big beautiful eyes but I have high hopes that my old somewhat forgetful and occasionally ditsy self returns, hopefully sooner than later!


Saturday Night

Here we are, Saturday night in RevilleVille. We always look forward for the weekends to relax, play, work on projects, catch up on housework  & MOVIES. During the school week the t.v. Is (mostly) off while Lil Rev is around & we eat dinner together at the dining table. But weekends are a different story. When Lil Rev wakes up, he watches cartoons and we love watching movies with him from our childhood. Today we took out our Halloween decorations & started decorating, bbq'd chicken, grilled up some veggies from our garden & ate dinner in our living room while watching The Neverending Story. A very happy Saturday in R home


Drunko Bunco

I'm part of a ladies bunco group, I absolutely love our monthly gatherings and am really enjoying getting to know this great group of women. I even learned a new term very relevant to my life right now "Mommy Dating" - another post for another day. Anyways,  i co-hosted the festivities at RevilleVille last night and do you know what that means? I didn't have to drive home, so I could completely indulge, and that I did!!! Hubby took over, bottle fed our Precious Baby, was sequestered to our bedroom all evening and did the whole night time dealo with the kiddos. I got them a pizza & salad for dinner & root beer floats to keep them happy. They watched movies while this mama drank & played & drank & laughed & drank & WON the game!! This was my 1st win and I won $30 in the category of "Most Wins"!!! WINNING, in more ways than 1. Needless to say it was a fabulous Thursday night... Until I woke up, as you can imagine. I had a handful of beers last night and upon waking up at 5:30  this AM I felt horrible.  I stumbled & swayed to the kitchen to try to satiate the extreme dehydration I was experiencing and then made my way back to bed. LUCKILY when Precious Baby woke up an hour later I felt wonderful (I even made Hubby a pot of coffee, which I rarely do - sorry honey, I need to get better at that). I made her a bottle & plan to formula feed all day today just to be sure. About that... every time I feed her a bottle (which has only been a few times) I feel guilty, bad, like I'm cheating on her. She does so well switching between the two but I still feel bad! Anyways the point of this whole post is this picture,  this is what I'm doing all day today!! The house is sparkling, the laundry is done-ish, it's Friday & I'm recovering from Drunko Bunco by cuddling with a sweet baby girl all day, blogging, playing & organizing my tablet, searching & adding fun new apps. Oh and enjoying a root beer float too! CHEERS!


New Mom Syndrome...

... Cry at commercials like this and hear the baby "phantom" crying every time I take a shower, even though she's always sound asleep. Oh, and mostly don't care that I mostly, usually, probably look like shit


No Joke

Packing for 2 kids is no joke!!! Hubby is lucky enough to escape RevilleVille & go hunting for 8 DAYS so i decided to pack up for the week & stay with my wonderful Mother in Law. Ok, follow me here, my Step Grandfather in Law is in ailing health (as in cancer can win any day now) & since our husbands will be gone for the week i wanted to stay with her & help her out. Also would love the company too. So, i rounded up most everything but the kitchen sink, loaded it all in the car & temporarily moved in. Whew.


Sudo Vacay

Ok, i may be the only crazy Mom who thinks like this but i feel like I'm on a mini vacation when...
I enjoy a delicious sugary caffeinated beverage while grocery shopping with only 1 kid, and they're sleeping!! Oh & for an extra treat I'll rock out to some music, a little Toxic Britney Spears is my guilty pleasure & goes a long way for this Mama!!
I get to clean the house, uninterrupted!! Now THAT is what i call a great time. Once again, plugged in, Blurred Lines blaring in my ears while I dust, do dishes fold and put away laundry, vacuum, mop, all the while not having to stop and do something for someone else. 
I receive that beautiful summon for JURY DUTY!! It's like a prestigious invitation to be whisked away to the oh so glorious Nothing Land. I know i know i know, i may be the only one on this one but I LOVE JURY DUTY; a place to go, where i listen to music, bring some magazines, strike up convo with strangers, meet interesting people & it really makes for some great people watching adventures. A place where no one is whining "Mommy"  over & over & over again, or needing their butts wiped, or spit up cleaned, or laundry to be done -oh that laundry monster is my nemesis, or dishes washed, or baby to be nursed, or dog to be fed (or saved from a little boy "innocently" playing chase & chasing dog with his sword), or dinners to be made... You get the point. NOTHING. Just sitting there, waiting and entertaining myself with those tabloid trash magazines i love, serving my civic duty, no responsibility but to pass the time away & answer some questions. I love jury duty. Maybe that's why i hardly ever get called :/ Damn that Murphy!
Lastly, the dentist. I guess this is where it gets sadistic BUT once again it is the safe haven from all those things I need to do, or should be doing at home and I just lay there, taking care of myself with nothing else to do but enjoy my music - this I HAVE to have music to drown out the drilling sounds - without the music this little break in my day quickly turns into the nightmare from hell.  

I will continue to enjoy my sudo vacays wrapped as little presents disguised as the mundane tasks in life and maybe someday, hopefully sooner than later, I will get to actually enjoy a real vacation, get rescued from the daily grind and get taken away to Tahoe, or San Francisco, or Napa, or the Coast, or a castle, or Jamaica... am I the only one who feels like this?!? either way, cheers to the little pleasures in life!



WOW!!! We had our baby party and look. at. this. It was a great success, our loved ones came by and we had a wonderful time showing off our Precious Baby, passing her around (and Mommy had champagne too, really a selfless act so others could bottle feed the baby, hehe). We were wrapped with love by our family and friends and we feel incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives! oh, and the presents just topped it off! No, actually my sister flying in from Los Angles & surprising me at the party was the topper. All of my 3 younger sisters & Mom came from So Cal. It really warms my heart that so many people already love our baby girl. Whoa! So I staged all the adorable pinkness, took the picture and made thank you cards with this image to send to everyone. The cards were well received, just as every single present was.


Not Enough Breastmilk?

Do you know the symbol for adoption? It's a triangle intertwined in a heart. I have this symbol tattooed on my back. My tattoo is filled with symbols, words and pictures close to my heart. The reason I share this is because I had a very big convo with Lil Rev about adoption tonight. I have a daughter. Not my Precious Baby, but a precious 12 year old girl whom I love dearly. I placed her for open adoption at birth and am blessed to have an incredible relationship with her and her Adoptive Mom. Long story short =I was in an abusive relationship and made the hardest, most difficult decision to protect my daughter - at all costs. Even if it cost me my happiness, my sanity (at the time), my esteem... anything for my daughter. I have always had a picture of my beautiful daughter and I in R home and Lil Rev has never really noticed, asked or cared about any of our dozens of pictures displayed, until tonight. He asked me who that girl was, and the convo went like this:
Me: She's a very special girl (hoping he would just leave it at that. The convo has never come up so I've never told him about his 1/2 sister)
Lil Rev (LR): why is she special?
Me: (ok, we're going there...heart starts pounding) Because she is my daughter, she's your sister.  I had her before you were born and before I met Daddy.
LR: Why doesn't she live with us? Is she {Precious Baby's} sister too?
Me: Yes, she is your 1/2 sister, because you have the same Mom, Me. She doesn't live with us because she lives with another family. Do you know what adoption is?
LR: No, what does that mean?
Me: Well adoption is when a Mom has someone else take care of her child forever. The child then has a new Mom and family. When I had the baby, I couldn't take care of her at that time. So I placed her for adoption.
LR: Why, because you didn't have enough breast milk? (my favorite part of the convo!)
Me: No, it's difficult to explain but her Dad was very mean to me and I wanted to protect her from him.
LR: Oh, were you married to him?
Me: (GULP - totally against what I've been trying to brainwash him with) No.
LR: Why was he mean, did he say mean things to you?
Me: well, yes and other stuff too that I can tell you more about when you get older. But I made a very hard decision for her to live with another Mom so I could protect her. She is safe and happy with her Mom and family.
Lil Rev: Oh, did her Mom have breast milk?
Me: Well, actually a woman's body only makes breast milk if she grows a baby in her tummy. Since her Mom did not grow your sister in her tummy, her body did not make breast milk. She had formula as a baby.
Lil Rev: oh. ok.
... and off to save the world with his sword, machete and superhero costume.


Sleeping Beauty

Our baby girl slept 22 HOURS TODAY!!!!
She barely woke up, fussing to be fed.
She woke up in the afternoon and played for a few minutes and then slept through the night.
I'm afraid she's going through a growth spurt and we're going to wake up to a toddler.


Lesson Learned: don't go for walks on trash day, it really makes for a stinky walk to school.  


Napping Miracle

Countdown begins... School starts on Wednesday so we're in full prep mode. We did a trial run this AM; wake up, breakfast, get ready then WALK to school (new for us) all before school is to start & I'm happy to report that we were only 5 minutes "late" (which was completely my fault as i really underestimated the time it would take to gather & get Precious Baby prepped, ready and buckled in the stroller).
We played at the school playground for an hour then headed home. I made myself an incredibly delicious (& healthy) omelet & Lil Rev breakfast #2 then the miracle begins to happen...
I told Lil Rev he needed to take 1 hr of "quiet time" in his room, not playing but challenging himself (i then gave him many examples/ choices of what he could do). WHY DID I NOT DO THIS ALL SUMMER IS BEYOND ME BUT LESSON LEARNED!!!  He chose to read & a few minutes later what do i discover?... He had set up his tent in his room, complete with blankets, a flashlight & is ASLEEP!! Which can be considered a miracle in of itself as he hasn't taken a nap in YEARS but the incredible part is that BOTH kids were sleeping. Needless to say my kitchen is sparkling (& i was able to do this post)


Mom of 2 Success

I'm one to celebrate the little things in life & just HAD to share my 1st big Mommy success with Round 2. Since hubby returned to work on Monday (after 2 quick weeks of staying at home and handling EVERYTHING) i am proud to report that i have taken Lil Rev to camp & karate everyday... ON TIME!! And today i took Lil Rev to summer camp, did a load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes , 3 feedings, took the kids to the dentist, successfully nursed Precious baby for the 1st time in public, took them to karate & then plan to go to a friends house for some pizza & jewelry fun. WHEW feeling like a Mama Rockstar... Thank goodness for caffeine today (i don't drink it often these days but man what a delicious treat)! Oh, and i almost forgot the best part of my day... Precious baby slept 5 HOURS last night. SUCCESS :)


Happy Birthday

 After the scheduled birth of our 2nd child, we all survived and are doing really well, what an incredible experience it was. The morning was filled with weird mishaps and odd events but LUCKILY the cesarean section went well and I delivered a beautiful baby GIRL!!! Weighing in at 9lbs 8oz and 20.5 inches long she is very healthy and such a beauty. My favorite part of the whole experience was when Big Brother met his new little sister. His smile couldn't get any bigger and it was really love at 1st sight, for all of us. We were in the hospital for 2 days and the 2nd day Lil Rev stayed the night with us in the hospital. We had a birthday party complete with decorations, pizza, ice cream cake and a late night family movie. He did AMAZING being in the room all day and all night and was so attentive to his little sister. Every few minutes we would take a break from whatever he was doing to check on her and give her a sweet, gentle kiss on her head.


Target of my concentration

To think, this time last year we started trying to have a baby, and now we're having a baby tomorrow . This baby bump is the target of my being right now.
Toilets scrubbed, floors moped, nursery complete, Every. Piece, Of. Laundry. Done! kitchen sparkling, all our bags packed and plans for Lil Rev solidified. oh I even created and stocked a snack basket in our pantry for Lil Rev to help out in those weeks after we get home.  
I am experiencing an array of emotions from excitement to finally meet the newest member of our family, to sadness that the wonderful family I already have is now going to change. I didn't expect to mourn the family dynamics we've established for the past 6.5 years but it's an emotion that is very real, very strong and I am honoring it by recognizing it and allowing it to be. I feel extreme anticipation to finally find out if we will have another son or a daughter. I am a little bit anxious (but really trying to ignore this emotion) about the surgery I am about to have and recover from. And I also feel sad that this pregnancy is over. Although I have many pains, symptoms and exhaustion from being pregnant, I absolutely love it and cherish every movement I feel. It's an incredible feeling and honor to have 1/2 created, completely nourish and birth a tiny human being into our world.
We celebrated our Baby Eve tonight by watching videos with Lil Rev from when he was1st born, in the hospital and the 1st month of his life. He laughed and asked so many questions, it was really a precious time. And then the videos reminded me of ALL THE CRYING! I won't even talk about the emotions those memories of his inconsolable crying evoked.
Well, here we go, into another adventure of parenthood,
starting tomorrow morning at 11am...


Oh the places you'll go

We did it!! Finished out nursery. Since we do not know the sex of Baby Love we decorated with a neutral theme... Dr, Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go; hot air balloons, travel, maps, nature.
My wonderful Mother in Law custom made the closet valance and window curtains for us and a co-worker created that beautiful "mother/child" artwork for us. I am that my vision of the nursery turned out even better than I imagined!!! now we just need a baby


1000 visitors

ok, well that may not be completely accurate as a few of those "visitors" were me...
but nonetheless, 1000 and counting!!!


 I'm thinking if I want anything more to come from this blog, perhaps grow it and see where this outlet takes me, then I need more activity, comments, virtual love. So... now what? 
Somehow the COMMENTS part of the blog got removed at some point so
I enabled the COMMENTS ability -  interaction is now a go...

I'll celebrate all you wonderful RevilleVille visitors by sharing
more pics from  our recent family photoshoot. Enjoy!




At my 36 week prenatal check up I was seen by a Nurse Practitioner, who I had seen once in the very beginning of my pregnancy. She took my blood pressure, weight and urine sample and then we had the following convo:
NP: Well you have gained 6# since your last appointment, 2 weeks ago.
Me: oh, ok
NP: Your total weight gain has been 37#. The average weight gain for a pregnancy is 25 - 35#.
80% of your diet should be fruits and vegetables.
Me: Oh... so I SHOULDN'T have milkshakes for breakfast and nachos for dinner? Um... i'm 9 months pregnant, the deed is done.

What I took from that interaction is that I feel AMAZING and beautiful - no matter what a professional says, or co-workers, or neighbors, or family,. I gained weight, YES. Probably too much, YES. Might I regret it in a couple months feeling like a fat cow, maybe. But i'm happy now and have thoroughly enjoy this journey (including my breakfast and dinners of choice).

My Father in Law (retired firefighter) told me over the weekend "I've delivered babies and seen lots of pregnant women but never with bellies as big as yours" followed by "YOU'RE AS BIG AS A HOUSE!" This has been a great test of confidence and self security and i'm happy to report - I got lots of it and pregnancy has really enhanced my esteem despite all the "twin/house/ginormous" comments. I feel privileged to have conceived, nurture, carry and grow our precious baby in my body and i'll celebrate that with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream + vanilla almond milk shakes for breakfast!

When you look in the mirror, see the beautiful woman you are,  
 focus only on the positive in your life and
 love yourself, because you are YOU


Love in Bloom - 5 week countdown!!

For some reason 5 weeks seems so much longer than 38 DAYS to me!!! That's right, we have a birthday... Monday 7.8.13. After much deliberation and consultation we have decided to adhere to the doctor's recommendation and have a C-section. He had shared his concerns with us a couple months ago and it took a lot of thought and debate to finally make a decision. After our son's traumatic birth of 23.5 hrs natural labor resulting in a HEALTHY 9lb baby - he had fractured his clavicle during the process and the Doc felt that it would be safest to have a C-section this time. Although I was heart broken at the thought, I did tons of research (and griping) and really tried to figure out a way because I wanted to "try it again".  We concluded that there is a lot to risk and should follow Dr.'s recommendation. So there it is - our long awaited sweet surprise will join our family in 5 weeks!! Here is a picture from our family photo shoot we took today... of ALL days it was one of the hottest of the year. More pictures from the photo shoot to be shared soon. 


32 weeks "ready to POP"

Working in an office all day with lots of ladies and wonderful people whom i really enjoy was really fun for months 1-7 of my pregnancy. Everyday i felt showered with compliments about my "glow", how great i looked, how i made pregnancy look easy and on and on... then 3rd trimester hit! Now the comments i hear are mostly "WOW - you get bigger everyday" or my favorite = "are you SURE you're not having twins?!?!" which she proceeded to ask me 2 more times after i answered NO!  Today i was told that i look like i'm going to have that baby any day now. my reply?... "I HOPE NOT!! i have 8ish more weeks to go". A Psychiatrist i work with asked me for some paperwork today "before i pop"... all before 10 am.  Then later in the day a co-worker said "you must be ready to have that baby already". Yep, that was my breaking point. My response? "If I hear 1 more person tell me something like that i am going to loose it! why do you think i'm ready? do I look miserable to you? have i complained to you? I'm due in July and actually really loving pregnancy - so NO! i'm not ready and hopefully the baby is not ready either!" Gotta tell you, it felt good too
I feel like making a button that says:
"i'm gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to the baby. In fact, she'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb." SO I"M ONLY GOING TO GET BIGGER!! Please keep your "funny" comments to yourself.

Maybe it's the 3rd trimester crabbiness kicking in, or feeling pretty crappy today that's getting to me but really people, really! I'm trying to think if i was ever so insensitive to those pregnant beauties i know. I do remember empathizing with them and marveling on how amazing it is that our bodies get so big at the end. So perhaps if i said that to a friend at the wrong time, i could have made her feel like i feel now.

I am one who embraces, appreciates and really just loves the miracle of pregnancy. I feel so grateful for this blessing and try to dismiss silly comments by people who  don't understand, or care, how their funny "jokes" may make a VERY PREGNANT lady feel but today sucked! I drove to work and had another "episode" where i feel like i'm just going to die, had to pull over and then was late to work. I get to work, feeling like crap and am showered by those lovely "popping and overdue" comments, and as i type this my back is killing me. I just want to go home and lay down for some back pain relief. But instead i'll stretch, walk it off, find some chocolate and SMILE because i'm pregnant, BIG and having a BABY soonish :) The end.


Love Day

HAPPY LOVE DAY!! Every year we celebrate our love on a day (4/18) that we created and take as our own. This year is quite special as it is our "10 years from when we met" anniversary, so that much more reason to celebrate our love! As an artist, I do not compose music, paint or draw but what I really enjoy is making pict'deos (well that's what I just named them). I had a great time reminiscing over the past 10 years of wonderful memories, adventures and experiences; dwindling it down to only 52 images summarizing the past decade so in love with my hubby! Here's to celebrating love; wishing for everyone to create their own, special holiday!!


Baby Love

We had our 20 week ultrasound and received the results almost immediately (via e-mail of course) "Your fetal ultrasound is normal"! WHEW, what a great relief! I do have to say, during that hour long ultrasound, i almost caved and asked to find out  the baby's sex. It was so tempting as the technician was right there and probably able to tell us if we wanted... BUT i stayed strong and declined that temptation. It is really fun, and an incredible experience to not know the gender and just focus on the miracle and excitement of having A BABY! Whatever sex it may be. So here is a projected picture of our baby's ultrasound on my belly, baby love!



Well...for the first few months i couldn't eat enough veggies, V8, salads, all things healthy and delicious and then Girl Scout cookie season kicked in. I blame those girls and their cookies for my demise, so now here i am and insatiable. Cravings have fully kicked in & I'm craving FOOD!!! I guess in particular, nachos. Mmmmmm, nachos!
Tortilla chips smothered in cheddar cheese surrounding black beans topped off with olives, green onions, avocados and more cheese. of course some hot salsa on the side. they were so so so good!



If you're here visiting RevilleVille then you  may have received our Round 2 New Years card. Congratulations, you're our in our circle and we wanted to share our adventures with you all. So welcome!! I started this blog in the Spring when we finally decided to grow our family and I've had a really fun time blogging about some of the happenings in our little world. This is RevilleVilles official debut as i had only shared this site with a few people...until now. So please, check it out, join in on the convo & check in often as the adventures have just continued to begin :)


Restaurant Considerations

Next time i make reservations (or accept dinner invites) my 1st question well be "is there a women's restroom on the 1st floor?" because walking up (& down) 3 flights of stairs EVERY TIME i have to use the restroom ain't cutting it for this preggo gal! Well, I'm getting my workout tonight celebrating a friend's birthday. We'll see how much time i actually get to spend with her tonight though :)


La Leche

Cuddling on the couch last night the topic of "feeding babies" comes up and guess what genius hubby decides to tell Mr. Curious Lil Rev? YES... babies drink milk from their mommy's chi-chi's!!! I of course knew that this would need to be discussed and explained as Lil Rev has never really seen a breastfeeding momma before so as you can imagine, this sparked an immense curiosity (and fits of raging laughter) in our 6yr old boy. So i described it as the incredible thing it is in which mommies bodies do amazing things for their babies and we talked about many other mammals who also drink "chi-chi milk" and that was that.
Well this morning while i was making his school lunch the following convo took place:
LR: Mommy, where are you going to feed the baby your chi chi milk?
Me: Anywhere I am when the baby is hungry.
LR: Will you feed the baby in my room?
Me: Probably not, it will mostly be in the living room and my bedroom.
LR: Can i watch you feed the baby your chi chi milk?
Me: Of course. Babies eat a lot so i will be feeding the baby often so you will be around and see.
LR: What does chi chi milk taste like?
Me: Well i never tasted it
LR: Can i taste it?
Me: The milk is usually for babies
LR: Can we each put it in a cup so we all can taste it?
Me: We'll see
LR: Do your chi chi's have milk right now?
Me: My body is making it, getting ready for when the baby is born
LR: Does the milk come out when you take a shower?
Me: You're really interested in this huh? Can you help me finish making your PB&J?