Love in Bloom - 5 week countdown!!

For some reason 5 weeks seems so much longer than 38 DAYS to me!!! That's right, we have a birthday... Monday 7.8.13. After much deliberation and consultation we have decided to adhere to the doctor's recommendation and have a C-section. He had shared his concerns with us a couple months ago and it took a lot of thought and debate to finally make a decision. After our son's traumatic birth of 23.5 hrs natural labor resulting in a HEALTHY 9lb baby - he had fractured his clavicle during the process and the Doc felt that it would be safest to have a C-section this time. Although I was heart broken at the thought, I did tons of research (and griping) and really tried to figure out a way because I wanted to "try it again".  We concluded that there is a lot to risk and should follow Dr.'s recommendation. So there it is - our long awaited sweet surprise will join our family in 5 weeks!! Here is a picture from our family photo shoot we took today... of ALL days it was one of the hottest of the year. More pictures from the photo shoot to be shared soon. 

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