Pee On A Stick!

Love the blogging app... blogging in the moment is fabulous! So hubby wants me to pee on the stick already! Right now @ 10:30pm. IT'S BEEN A WEEK. Pretty cute he's that excited... or wait. Maybe he just wants "a break" from his conceiving duties ;) Either way he's digging out the EPT tests to read all about it. Upon reading up on it he says "99.9% accurate the day of your expected period. Well that's a long time to wait!!! Then we have to wait 9 months to meet {him}? Wish we could go to the baby store!" And so the anticipation begins...

"In Bed"

                    My fortune from lunch today


TMI... Together Mixing Ingredients

Mixing those ingredients... in planning to bake the bun. When we decided to get into the business of baking, we had decided just to go for it, we consulted with the Master Chef and then jumped right in hoping to be blessed with a sweet, healthy delicacy... whatever it may be. Of course there are 2 brands of buns that can be created by this process. Considering we already have baked 1 perfect lil bun, i think the other brand would be a marvelous addition to RevilleVille, but either way i will be completely satisfied. Well last night hubby and i decided we would "seal the deal" considering we were at the end of the baking time frame for this cycle of our bake-athon. I decided to look into recipes on how to bake a particular kind of bun. After a couple minutes of scientific research Googling the internet looking for picture recipes, i only discovered too much reading which was getting in the way of our baking session, almost turned the oven off. So i put those trusty recipes down and we proceeded to put 1 more ingredient into the oven to bake that bun. 4.75 minutes later, after all the mixing was done,  i looked into those recipes again and according to these scientific methods, we discovered we were attempting to bake the brand that is already dominating RevilleVille... go figure! Although the Chinese Calendar says otherwise. Depending on how everything pans out this month, we may have another shot to work on that recipe during our bake-athon next month ;)


Baby Store

Hubby and i have not talked to Lil Rev about our plan to expand RevilleVille, nor has he mentioned it. A couple months ago while we were shopping i brought up the subject to Lil Rev "So, what would you think about having a baby brother or sister?" His immediate rapid fire response was "Will the baby grow in your tummy? How does the baby get there? How will the baby come out?" Mother panic moment right here - i did not expect those questions and i certainly did not have ANY clue on how to go about answering them at this time so... I changed the subject as fast as you can imagine and have never brought it up again. Well tonight while tucking in my sweet boy he asked:

Lil Rev "Is there a baby store real in the world?"
Me "A baby store? Hmmmm... what do u think?" (my go to question when i'm trying to figure out what to say + i love hearing his thought process & rational)
Lil Rev "No. I don't know. "
Me "Well no, there are no baby stores. Why do you ask?"
Lil Rev "Awww man! Because i want to go to the baby store & get a baby!"

We had a great convo about what a wonderful big brother he would be. He said he wants a baby sister. Then changed his mind to wanting a baby brother. We talked about teaching a little baby everything and then Lil Rev asked (with a big smirk on his face) "what will happen if i'm not nice to the baby?" We talked briefly about that, i finished tucking him in and walked out of the room with my heart filled with happiness. I just hope that was his Bro-ternal instincts are kicking in and he senses baby on the way!


Making A Baby...

 ... it's a pretty fun process!!! Kicked off our Conception Party last week and why do i ALREADY have heart burn and feel exhausted? which actually presented itself a couple weeks ago before we even attempted this next chapter in our life. The power of suggestion. The other day i was snippy at hubby and he says "oh great! just can't WAIT for those pregnancy hormones to kick in!" HA! Well at least he's preparing himself already, that's a good man. We shall now wait and see :)


We reserve our right to bear lethal arms...

...and traps to lawfully kill any intruders, including you, you beast of a rat!!! So thankful i have my own personal exterminator or else i would be besides myself. We enjoy many perks of living on 1/3 acre with a beautiful creek that runs through our property, but RATS are not one of them. Luckily we don't have a big problem... well let me take that back. That monstrous rat IS BIG but no issues yet. My hubby has tried several things and through his trials, errors and successes i have deducted that those rodents are geniuses!! I guess it's survival if the fittest / smartest instinct that kicks in as they learn how to get around various traps and NOT to go for the food luring them on the other side of a Super Sticky thingamabobber BUT hubby out smarted them with a Supreme Super Sonic Zapping Condo of a trap. And day 2 has brought us 2 dead rats! Woohoo! Victory in Revilleville


There's an app for that

Testing testing 1 2 3... Just downloaded the Blogger App! Blogging on the go, what a concept! If there is 1 thing i would ask myself "how did i enjoy life without it" i would answer APPS!! Well behind the internet, beer and smartphones (in that order)! It's incredible how many apps are free, functional and can be so incredibly useful... or not. Making my success with keeping up with RevilleVille news that much more enjoyable.