Thank Goodness for Health Insurance!

Well, RevilleVille can confidently report we have been accident free for over a year... until now. I received a call from hubby stating he had fallen off the roof and broken his arm, followed by a prompt hang up. While rushing to leave work, i called the neighbors whom did not answer. I then called 911 not knowing the extent of his injuries. Let me tell you, that was the longest 20min drive home with my mind wandering to dark places,  hoping it was JUST a broken arm. When i arrived home, a fire truck was here and the firemen were in our home tending to Hubby. Shortly there after, the ambulance arrived and wisped him away to the hospital. Hubby was grateful for the temporary Morphine relief from his excruciating pain. I picked up Lil Rev from school and we spent the evening in the hospital. After xrays and an examination it was concluded that he broke his arm and would need surgery.
Sidenote: while in the emergency room i had reminded Hubby, in kid code, about our experience while pregnant with Lil Rev. Hubby had developed Plantar Fasciitis and i have many memories throughout my pregnancy of ME rubbing HIS feet due to his condition. I told Hubby his swan dive off the roof may have sealed the deal with our conceiving attempts as i would have to care for him now and history does repeat itself... we may be back in the hospital in 9 months. Big Ears Lil Rev picked up on the return visit comment and continued to ask why we would be back at the hospital in 9 months. I answered "with a follow up appointment for the Dr. to see Daddy's arm" = explanation diverted! We shall see...
Surgery was scheduled in 7 days so Hubby had to bear the pain (even though he was prescribed major pain meds), iced and elevated his arm and was as bored and uncomfortable as ever waiting in anticipating for his very first surgery from breaking his very 1st bone. I quickly became Nurse Wifey tending to his every need, tracking his frequent medication administration while Super Mom cared for Lil Rev. Unfortunately Mama Maid disappeared to compensate for this ordeal, which i am still trying to catch up. Surgery went well and Hubby went back to work less than a week after surgery. The surgery cost us $20. I even requested the intake nurse to repeat that total upon administration... it just sounded so good! Thank goodness for health insurance!



The other night i heard Lil Rev say "where's my F'CKN shoes?"
I asked him what he said and he repeated his sentence... then the following conversation took place (oh these convos!):
Me: well actually that's a very bad word
LR: what? F'CKN?
Me: yes. it's a really bad word. we don't say that word.
LR: what does F'CKN mean?
Me: well it means something worse that "stupid, hate and shut up" (the only bad words he knows thus far).
LR: what happens if i say F'CKN at school?
Me: 1st, stop saying it! you don't say bad words at school, you can get in trouble.
LR: will i get sent to the office if i say F'CKN?
Me: maybe, and there will be consequences at home too. stop saying it. there are other words you can say instead.
LR: F'CKN sounds funny. F'CKN is a funny word. 


Grow One Out

A conversation with Lil Rev in the car:
"Mommy, i want a baby brother or sister"
Me: I'll talk to Daddy about it
LR: ok, if he says yes will you grow one out?
Me: we'll have to see
LR: how do babies come out anyways?
Me: well it's quite magical. (HOPING this convo ends soon!)
LR: how mommy?
Me: when the baby has grown enough and is ready to be born, mommies go to the hospital and the doctors help babies be born.
LR: how?
Me: well doctors cut mommies tummy with a scalpel to take the baby out. That's one way babies can be born.
LR: did that happen to you?
Me: yes (referring to my 1st pregnancy over 10yrs ago that resulted in an open adoption- which i have not told Lil Rev about before... Yet)
LR: is that how i was hatched?
Me: no
LR: are you someone else's Mommy?
Me: yes
LR: oh. How was i hatched?
Me: well, when you get older I'll tell you all about it. It's a little hard for a 5 year old to understand. (truth is it's hard for MOMMY to explain to a 5 year old)
LR: when I'm 6 will you tell me?
Me: we'll see
LR: ok
I bet this will be his 1st business of order on his 6th birthday!! I have a couple months to prepare for this...