Mom of 2 Success

I'm one to celebrate the little things in life & just HAD to share my 1st big Mommy success with Round 2. Since hubby returned to work on Monday (after 2 quick weeks of staying at home and handling EVERYTHING) i am proud to report that i have taken Lil Rev to camp & karate everyday... ON TIME!! And today i took Lil Rev to summer camp, did a load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes , 3 feedings, took the kids to the dentist, successfully nursed Precious baby for the 1st time in public, took them to karate & then plan to go to a friends house for some pizza & jewelry fun. WHEW feeling like a Mama Rockstar... Thank goodness for caffeine today (i don't drink it often these days but man what a delicious treat)! Oh, and i almost forgot the best part of my day... Precious baby slept 5 HOURS last night. SUCCESS :)


Happy Birthday

 After the scheduled birth of our 2nd child, we all survived and are doing really well, what an incredible experience it was. The morning was filled with weird mishaps and odd events but LUCKILY the cesarean section went well and I delivered a beautiful baby GIRL!!! Weighing in at 9lbs 8oz and 20.5 inches long she is very healthy and such a beauty. My favorite part of the whole experience was when Big Brother met his new little sister. His smile couldn't get any bigger and it was really love at 1st sight, for all of us. We were in the hospital for 2 days and the 2nd day Lil Rev stayed the night with us in the hospital. We had a birthday party complete with decorations, pizza, ice cream cake and a late night family movie. He did AMAZING being in the room all day and all night and was so attentive to his little sister. Every few minutes we would take a break from whatever he was doing to check on her and give her a sweet, gentle kiss on her head.


Target of my concentration

To think, this time last year we started trying to have a baby, and now we're having a baby tomorrow . This baby bump is the target of my being right now.
Toilets scrubbed, floors moped, nursery complete, Every. Piece, Of. Laundry. Done! kitchen sparkling, all our bags packed and plans for Lil Rev solidified. oh I even created and stocked a snack basket in our pantry for Lil Rev to help out in those weeks after we get home.  
I am experiencing an array of emotions from excitement to finally meet the newest member of our family, to sadness that the wonderful family I already have is now going to change. I didn't expect to mourn the family dynamics we've established for the past 6.5 years but it's an emotion that is very real, very strong and I am honoring it by recognizing it and allowing it to be. I feel extreme anticipation to finally find out if we will have another son or a daughter. I am a little bit anxious (but really trying to ignore this emotion) about the surgery I am about to have and recover from. And I also feel sad that this pregnancy is over. Although I have many pains, symptoms and exhaustion from being pregnant, I absolutely love it and cherish every movement I feel. It's an incredible feeling and honor to have 1/2 created, completely nourish and birth a tiny human being into our world.
We celebrated our Baby Eve tonight by watching videos with Lil Rev from when he was1st born, in the hospital and the 1st month of his life. He laughed and asked so many questions, it was really a precious time. And then the videos reminded me of ALL THE CRYING! I won't even talk about the emotions those memories of his inconsolable crying evoked.
Well, here we go, into another adventure of parenthood,
starting tomorrow morning at 11am...


Oh the places you'll go

We did it!! Finished out nursery. Since we do not know the sex of Baby Love we decorated with a neutral theme... Dr, Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go; hot air balloons, travel, maps, nature.
My wonderful Mother in Law custom made the closet valance and window curtains for us and a co-worker created that beautiful "mother/child" artwork for us. I am that my vision of the nursery turned out even better than I imagined!!! now we just need a baby


1000 visitors

ok, well that may not be completely accurate as a few of those "visitors" were me...
but nonetheless, 1000 and counting!!!


 I'm thinking if I want anything more to come from this blog, perhaps grow it and see where this outlet takes me, then I need more activity, comments, virtual love. So... now what? 
Somehow the COMMENTS part of the blog got removed at some point so
I enabled the COMMENTS ability -  interaction is now a go...

I'll celebrate all you wonderful RevilleVille visitors by sharing
more pics from  our recent family photoshoot. Enjoy!