Target of my concentration

To think, this time last year we started trying to have a baby, and now we're having a baby tomorrow . This baby bump is the target of my being right now.
Toilets scrubbed, floors moped, nursery complete, Every. Piece, Of. Laundry. Done! kitchen sparkling, all our bags packed and plans for Lil Rev solidified. oh I even created and stocked a snack basket in our pantry for Lil Rev to help out in those weeks after we get home.  
I am experiencing an array of emotions from excitement to finally meet the newest member of our family, to sadness that the wonderful family I already have is now going to change. I didn't expect to mourn the family dynamics we've established for the past 6.5 years but it's an emotion that is very real, very strong and I am honoring it by recognizing it and allowing it to be. I feel extreme anticipation to finally find out if we will have another son or a daughter. I am a little bit anxious (but really trying to ignore this emotion) about the surgery I am about to have and recover from. And I also feel sad that this pregnancy is over. Although I have many pains, symptoms and exhaustion from being pregnant, I absolutely love it and cherish every movement I feel. It's an incredible feeling and honor to have 1/2 created, completely nourish and birth a tiny human being into our world.
We celebrated our Baby Eve tonight by watching videos with Lil Rev from when he was1st born, in the hospital and the 1st month of his life. He laughed and asked so many questions, it was really a precious time. And then the videos reminded me of ALL THE CRYING! I won't even talk about the emotions those memories of his inconsolable crying evoked.
Well, here we go, into another adventure of parenthood,
starting tomorrow morning at 11am...