La Leche

Cuddling on the couch last night the topic of "feeding babies" comes up and guess what genius hubby decides to tell Mr. Curious Lil Rev? YES... babies drink milk from their mommy's chi-chi's!!! I of course knew that this would need to be discussed and explained as Lil Rev has never really seen a breastfeeding momma before so as you can imagine, this sparked an immense curiosity (and fits of raging laughter) in our 6yr old boy. So i described it as the incredible thing it is in which mommies bodies do amazing things for their babies and we talked about many other mammals who also drink "chi-chi milk" and that was that.
Well this morning while i was making his school lunch the following convo took place:
LR: Mommy, where are you going to feed the baby your chi chi milk?
Me: Anywhere I am when the baby is hungry.
LR: Will you feed the baby in my room?
Me: Probably not, it will mostly be in the living room and my bedroom.
LR: Can i watch you feed the baby your chi chi milk?
Me: Of course. Babies eat a lot so i will be feeding the baby often so you will be around and see.
LR: What does chi chi milk taste like?
Me: Well i never tasted it
LR: Can i taste it?
Me: The milk is usually for babies
LR: Can we each put it in a cup so we all can taste it?
Me: We'll see
LR: Do your chi chi's have milk right now?
Me: My body is making it, getting ready for when the baby is born
LR: Does the milk come out when you take a shower?
Me: You're really interested in this huh? Can you help me finish making your PB&J?

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