I'm a hot mess - and hot as in sweaty hot. Especially when Precious Baby is screaming crying in public. I get hot, I sweat, it's like her screaming activates my sweat glands and milk glands and I start leaking in more places than one. Anyways, I feel like I am failing at all this right now. Baby girl is almost 4 months old, she mostly sleeps through the night. You would think (or at least I hoped) that we would have settled into a nice routine, I would have gotten the hang of this and considering all of the sleep I'm getting I SHOULD be but... whoa I'm losing it, literally! I'm losing my keys. All. The. Time! Lil Rev even said the other day" Mommy, you are always looking for your keys. You should put them in the same place each time" Genius kid. Genius! The best part about all this is that right by our front door we have a coat closet with a convenient key holder thingy mabobber. But NOOOOO, I have to put them down the 1st place I can; in the kitchen, on the dining room table under all those papers, on the counter under those other piles of papers, in the diaper bag, in the bathroom...

I went to lunch with my sister in law the other day and upon grabbing the diaper bag, Precious Baby in her car seat and what I thought were my keys, I locked the door and closed it behind me. I immediately realized that I had grabbed hubby's keys to our Expedition (with NO house key on the key ring, go figure), but my car had the base for the car seat and stroller - all of which hubby's car did not. LUCKILY my car was open so I grabbed the base and stroller and loaded it all up in the Expedition. I then left for my lunch date and had to tell hubby my failings {again} so I could get the house key so I could get back in the house after lunch. He saved me, once again, and had my house key waiting for me when I was ready to go home. Another key fail

I did laundry. I washed it. I forgot to put it in the dryer. Monday morning Hubby got ready and had no underwear. Hubby wore wet chonies to work. Laundry Fail. I'd hate to admit that this has happened more than once. Mess... really!

I lost my ID. I have this little ID holder that holds me my ATM cards and  driver's license. The other week I distinctively remember Lil Rev handing me my ID; I had my hands full, I was busy doing something, and I put it somewhere.... where? I don't know! I've been on the hunt now looking in my pant pockets, in drawers, in crevices around the house, baskets, my car, the diaper bag... twice, seriously it was no where to be found. I dug up my check book to be able to pay for things in the mean time and guess what? most people want to see my ID when I write a check. Luckily, I play the disheveled new Mom look who "forgot her ID in her purse and doesn't have it in the diaper bag but knows her DL#" real real well! So Mother in Law baby sat Precious Baby while I chaperoned Lil Rev on a field trip and I wanted to thank her for just being so wonderful and a great support, I take her to lunch and guess what? the restaurant doesn't accept checks. Hot Mess. She paid. Failing.
* the topper to my ID debacle is that I found it today!! it was in its "designated spot", in my drawer but was all the way in the back and I had not seen it when I rummaged through it on my hunt.

I've concluded that I'm just getting lost in those big beautiful eyes but I have high hopes that my old somewhat forgetful and occasionally ditsy self returns, hopefully sooner than later!

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