No Joke

Packing for 2 kids is no joke!!! Hubby is lucky enough to escape RevilleVille & go hunting for 8 DAYS so i decided to pack up for the week & stay with my wonderful Mother in Law. Ok, follow me here, my Step Grandfather in Law is in ailing health (as in cancer can win any day now) & since our husbands will be gone for the week i wanted to stay with her & help her out. Also would love the company too. So, i rounded up most everything but the kitchen sink, loaded it all in the car & temporarily moved in. Whew.


Sudo Vacay

Ok, i may be the only crazy Mom who thinks like this but i feel like I'm on a mini vacation when...
I enjoy a delicious sugary caffeinated beverage while grocery shopping with only 1 kid, and they're sleeping!! Oh & for an extra treat I'll rock out to some music, a little Toxic Britney Spears is my guilty pleasure & goes a long way for this Mama!!
I get to clean the house, uninterrupted!! Now THAT is what i call a great time. Once again, plugged in, Blurred Lines blaring in my ears while I dust, do dishes fold and put away laundry, vacuum, mop, all the while not having to stop and do something for someone else. 
I receive that beautiful summon for JURY DUTY!! It's like a prestigious invitation to be whisked away to the oh so glorious Nothing Land. I know i know i know, i may be the only one on this one but I LOVE JURY DUTY; a place to go, where i listen to music, bring some magazines, strike up convo with strangers, meet interesting people & it really makes for some great people watching adventures. A place where no one is whining "Mommy"  over & over & over again, or needing their butts wiped, or spit up cleaned, or laundry to be done -oh that laundry monster is my nemesis, or dishes washed, or baby to be nursed, or dog to be fed (or saved from a little boy "innocently" playing chase & chasing dog with his sword), or dinners to be made... You get the point. NOTHING. Just sitting there, waiting and entertaining myself with those tabloid trash magazines i love, serving my civic duty, no responsibility but to pass the time away & answer some questions. I love jury duty. Maybe that's why i hardly ever get called :/ Damn that Murphy!
Lastly, the dentist. I guess this is where it gets sadistic BUT once again it is the safe haven from all those things I need to do, or should be doing at home and I just lay there, taking care of myself with nothing else to do but enjoy my music - this I HAVE to have music to drown out the drilling sounds - without the music this little break in my day quickly turns into the nightmare from hell.  

I will continue to enjoy my sudo vacays wrapped as little presents disguised as the mundane tasks in life and maybe someday, hopefully sooner than later, I will get to actually enjoy a real vacation, get rescued from the daily grind and get taken away to Tahoe, or San Francisco, or Napa, or the Coast, or a castle, or Jamaica... am I the only one who feels like this?!? either way, cheers to the little pleasures in life!



WOW!!! We had our baby party and look. at. this. It was a great success, our loved ones came by and we had a wonderful time showing off our Precious Baby, passing her around (and Mommy had champagne too, really a selfless act so others could bottle feed the baby, hehe). We were wrapped with love by our family and friends and we feel incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives! oh, and the presents just topped it off! No, actually my sister flying in from Los Angles & surprising me at the party was the topper. All of my 3 younger sisters & Mom came from So Cal. It really warms my heart that so many people already love our baby girl. Whoa! So I staged all the adorable pinkness, took the picture and made thank you cards with this image to send to everyone. The cards were well received, just as every single present was.