Candy Tax

While walking home from trick or treating with my family; hunky hubby, lil police man & precious pumpkin, we told Lil Rev that he's going to have to share his candy with us. He protested and whined "NOOOO WAAAAY!"... And the following convo took place:

Me: it's called a Candy Tax
Lil Rev (LR): what's a candy tax?
Me: Daddy, tell him all about taxes
Hunky Hubby (HH): well a tax is when the government takes 1/2 your money.
I jump in: NO, NOT HALF. like 30%
HH: income tax, sales tax, your mama tax
Me: yeah, you're right, OK continue
HH: So the people work and make the money and the government takes the tax.
LR: OK, got it. I'm the government & you're the workers!

Happy Halloween!

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