I never would have imagined that i'd be looking forward to those 1st indicators of pregnancy; nausea, achy boobies, exhaustion BUT WHERE ARE YOU tell tale signs? I'm awaiting your arrival with open arms and look forward to all those symptoms and side effects of the miracle of creating a baby. Thus far, nada! ok well i DID pull a muscle in my back last week (unrelated to the baby making process) and have had pretty severe back pains but that of course is not any indicator whatsoever. AND i have had some cramping here and there which could be 3 things. 1) the egg is attaching to the uterine wall and my body is in beginning phases of preparing for this incredible journey. 2) my egg is passing through my Fallopian tube getting ready to be released. 3) my mind is playing tricks on me.
I'm embracing option #1 :)



Earn tokens for good behavior at school and at home to cash in on the weekends for extra privileges, such as "electronic time" (a movie, time to play his favorite Wii games, computer games), living room camp out, a pick from the treasure chest & anything else we can think of to help motivate our Lil Spirited and Spunky boy.
1. Home = blue tokens: Can earn them by abiding by RevilleVille expectations... especially good behavior. Ex: morning chore with good manners, 1st time listening, being respectful, help set dinner table, good manners at dinner, pick up & put away toys,  shower/brush teeth while practicing those listening skills.
2. School = RED  tokens: Since Lil Rev is having a really difficult time conforming to school expectations (& slowing down to listen, be LESS impulsive, etc.) we partnered with his teacher to incorporate our token system as a reward for good behavior at school. BUT school tokens are RED & can only be used for electronic time & special adventures (biggest motivators right now).
So last week was another difficult week and although he probably didn't deserve ANY red tokens we wanted to keep him hopeful & motivated and s t r e t c h e d to have him "earn" red tokens. Upon using his red tokens to play Mario Galaxy Wii game (his favorite this month) he decided to look for a loophole. After BEGGING to earn more red tokens at home by doing extra chores and promising good behavior "forever", i took this opportunity to remind him about the natural consequences of his behavior and choices at school, reiterated how he can earn red tokens and gave him a pep talk about a "fresh new start on Monday filled with many opportunities to make good choices, listen to the teacher and follow directions".  He silently walked into his room and several minutes later came out with "red tokens" he made all by himself. Colored and cut with TLC.
 Sorry honey, nice try and what a great job you did coloring and cutting but loophole denied!!!


Lesson Learned!

I would like to share a great piece of advice that i learned the hard way the other day...

When starting a boot camp (or any rigorous/strenuous activity)- DON'T give it 100% the first day!


I Love Mongolian BBQ...

                 ... And fortunes too!!

 I save most of mine and have used them to decorate things such as vision boards, frames and mirrors! This was my fortune today while having lunch with some friends from work...



Hubby went on  a backpacking trip with his best buds this Holiday weekend so after cleaning the
house i decided to take Lil Rev on an adventure to our city zoo. 1st things 1st... check out that map! I bestowed upon him full navigational rights the entire time at the zoo. He was in charge of leading the way, checking the map to find animals he wanted to visit next and he took great pride in this responsibility (we had to stop and check the map very often). We had a great time and even checked out the Giraffe Encounter for our 1st time... where you can pay $3 to feed giraffes some leafy greens. Lil Rev loved the experience,  as I did too. It was a wonderful mommy/son date!