I Don't Appreciate Your Non-Enthusiasm

This is it... the official step to start this baby making fiesta = IUD removal. I have been working closely with my Obstetrician to prepare for this big day. This was one of the e-mails i had sent her in May "...This may sound silly but we have a special annual trip we take every July and would like to kick off our "Conception Party" there July 16 - July 22. So, when would be the best time to remove the IUD to try to get prime ovulation during that time?" Well according to her calculations the last week in June, mid-week would be ideal. So here i am, Wednesday, June 27th at Kaiser, glowing and wanting to shout from the elevator doors "I'm GETTING MY IUD REMOVED". It took all my might not tell everyone i passed my exciting news. Once i was checked in the Dr. Assistant called me into the room and asked the reason for my appointment; FINALLY i can legitimately tell someone without sounding crazy. So i told her. She then proceeded to ask what birth control method i will be using. Ok, another reason to proclaim this exciting adventure i am about to embark on. Not a smile, no congrats, no excitement, nothing. Ok, well she's young, i'm sure that the Nurse Practitioner will express a different sentiment. So the NP comes in and i tell her my regular OB is not in the office this week so i'm seeing her today and informed her about the above e-mail interaction suggesting i get the IUD removed today. She asked if i will be seeing an infertility doctor to get on infertility drugs; WHAT?!?! that was a heart stopping PARTY FOUL... NO, NO, NO! Just want to be ovulating a specific week, if at all possible. She responds "oh, well prime ovulation is a term used for couples who are infertile. STOP SAYING THAT NEAR MY OVARIES LADY! JUST STOP! I really don't appreciate your non-enthusiasm


  1. What the heck?! Those people are crazy! I remember how excited I was to get my IUD out! So here's your excitement:"yipppeeeeeeee wooooohoooooo yayayayayay!!!!"