Mom of 2 Success

I'm one to celebrate the little things in life & just HAD to share my 1st big Mommy success with Round 2. Since hubby returned to work on Monday (after 2 quick weeks of staying at home and handling EVERYTHING) i am proud to report that i have taken Lil Rev to camp & karate everyday... ON TIME!! And today i took Lil Rev to summer camp, did a load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes , 3 feedings, took the kids to the dentist, successfully nursed Precious baby for the 1st time in public, took them to karate & then plan to go to a friends house for some pizza & jewelry fun. WHEW feeling like a Mama Rockstar... Thank goodness for caffeine today (i don't drink it often these days but man what a delicious treat)! Oh, and i almost forgot the best part of my day... Precious baby slept 5 HOURS last night. SUCCESS :)

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