Napping Miracle

Countdown begins... School starts on Wednesday so we're in full prep mode. We did a trial run this AM; wake up, breakfast, get ready then WALK to school (new for us) all before school is to start & I'm happy to report that we were only 5 minutes "late" (which was completely my fault as i really underestimated the time it would take to gather & get Precious Baby prepped, ready and buckled in the stroller).
We played at the school playground for an hour then headed home. I made myself an incredibly delicious (& healthy) omelet & Lil Rev breakfast #2 then the miracle begins to happen...
I told Lil Rev he needed to take 1 hr of "quiet time" in his room, not playing but challenging himself (i then gave him many examples/ choices of what he could do). WHY DID I NOT DO THIS ALL SUMMER IS BEYOND ME BUT LESSON LEARNED!!!  He chose to read & a few minutes later what do i discover?... He had set up his tent in his room, complete with blankets, a flashlight & is ASLEEP!! Which can be considered a miracle in of itself as he hasn't taken a nap in YEARS but the incredible part is that BOTH kids were sleeping. Needless to say my kitchen is sparkling (& i was able to do this post)

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