Blue Moon



I'm the first to find reasons to celebrate random occasions in our lives... and today seemed PERFECT! It's the 2nd full moon in 1 month, which is refereed to as "Blue Moon". Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate a PAYday, FRIday before a THREE day weekend, which happens to be a BLUE MOON!
Cheers, i'll drink to that!


This School Stuff is Exhausting

1st full week of Kindergarten wiped out Lil Rev! I drop off our boy just before school starts and Hubby picks him up from his after school program after work. When i got home around 6pm, this is what i found:
I love EVERYTHING about this picture!
I asked Hubby what happened and he told me that Lil Rev brought his toys out, set himself up in the couch pillows was playing while hubby was making dinner then all of a sudden there was silence. Hubby checked on him and found him snoring right in the middle of his play zone. I love how Lil Rev set up his lap top, brought some of his favorite books out and even started building a Trio dealo! Can't help but smile every time i look at this picture, i love that boy! 


. PERIOD . The Blessed Curse

After a ladies trip to the bathroom, my friend comes out of the stall with a big smile of her face, gives me a big high-five and says "you know that time when you're waiting for your period to start, in the dating scene / not in a monogamous relationship and LATE on your period? WELL, that's this moment and i just started - thank goodness!" HIGH-FIVE! After a mini-celebration i started thinking about the blessed curse of the . period . As she is looking forward to the monthly non-pregnant indicator, i will soon be anxiously awaiting NOT to start. Of course every woman wishes they didn't have their period every month as it can be an uncomfortable, messy, cramping, exhausting, irritating nuisance... but when trying to reproduce - one REALLY doesn't want it to show up! It took me years to fully appreciate this monthly cycle and i am so grateful that i am a woman and have this gift to bare children. It's such a blessing i never take for granted. It's the blessed curse. The curse of having to deal with it EVERY MONTH and the blessing of the purpose. So . period .  I hope to NOT see you in the very near future!


1st Day of Kindergarten

Lil Rev started Kindergarten!! I took the day off from work for his 1st day of school with the anticipation of being an emotional wreck considering this big milestone in his life. Surprisingly i held it together, teared up a little while he lined up, and he did an amazing job transitioning into this brand new adventure! Although i do have to say i was a bit sad throughout the day while i cleaned the entire house, finished laundry and was fortunate enough to pick him up right after school (where the tears welled up again) I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be a stay at home mom - so so productive! Lil Rev had great things to say about his 1st experiences of K and the 1st lesson plan was incredible... The Love Light. We are very impressed with his new teacher and happy that the school has a dress code / uniform policy also restricting any media / characters on backpacks, lunchboxes, shoes, etc. But ultimately i am thrilled that the school incorporates Rosetta Stone language program into the curriculum. Hubby and i have taught Lil Rev English, Spanish and ASL from birth as it is very important to us to expose him to other languages and diverse experiences during this optimal window of development. I have spearheaded this endeavor and we been very successful in teaching Lil Rev what i know (and continually learn thanks to Google translate) thus far.  But unfortunately i am not fluent (yet) and i have plateaued... therefore Lil Rev has too. Let me tell you, after years of searching and research there are not many educational institutions that incorporate other languages into daily instruction (which is why we paid premiums $ for his Montessori preschool). So... so far, so great!  We couldn't be happier with our choice of schools for our boy and are excited to get involved!







A week filled with lots of swimming (Lil Rev "officially" learned this summer), work on my Mom's house, went to our friend's beautiful wedding, played at the beach, brunch with family & friends and an incredible sunset! It's always a whirlwind of fun when we visit my hometown... San Diego!


Road Trip Adventures

Driving back home on a 600 mile road trip, what adventures do we have the pleasure of experiencing? FLAT TIRE. Well let me preface this by saying we braved the 9hr drive down in the middle of the night, Lil Rev slept the entire time and it was an uneventful drive, thankfully! The trip home is a different story as we left at 11am and by noon we already had a flat tire... well the flat tire followed a forgetful morning leaving the hotel: about 20 minutes from leaving the hotel Lil Rev yells from the back seat "SCOOOOOBY!! Oh no, he's at the hotel!" Upon conferring with hubby about packing, seeing, loading up our boy's beloved stuffed animal, Scooby Doo, we confirmed our distraught boy was right. So we turned around, called the front desk, got another key and low and behold Scooby was tucked into bed, under Lil Rev's favorite Mickey Mouse blanket, under the comforter. Ok, crisis diverted! After breakfast we hopped in our truck & about 1 hr into the trip we hear it... "thug thunk thug thunk" and then smoke starts spewing from the back tire. Hubby pulls over and starts the tire changing process (while i take pictures, haha.)
Shortly thereafter, a guy comes up to us offering help. He works for the Freeway Service Patrol & was very happy to help. Great service, great attitude and helped the process go twice as fast! Thanks Freeway Service Patrol. 8ish more hours to go, sitting in crappy LA traffic and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no more RevilleVille Road Trip Adventures to report...


Anything odd about this picture?

Yes, i noticed something too... WHY is the pregnancy test under lock down? I've been out of the test purchasing market for 6 years now (and last time was such an unexpected blur) but i really don't get it!! Are there really that many people desperate enough to STEAL A PREGNANCY TEST? Whoa, makes me a little sad thinking about how many of those procreating thieving role models whose tests turn up positive. Well nonetheless, my purchase made for a great conversation starter while checking out!! I really should buy these at Costco... wonder if they're caged up under lock & key there.


That's Awkward

During our annual camping trip (aka Conception Kick Off Party this year) i always meet my Mother In Law (we'll call her "JJ") at  the end of the week to drop of our boy with her for the weekend so we can celebrate my Hubby's birthday / adult Shenanigans with our friends.

SIDENOTE:  Our meeting place is about 1 hr away from her and i, in the mountains, winding down into town and Lil Rev usually gets car sick. Luckily, he only threw up ONCE this trip and we were prepared with a "Burp Bucket" JJ got us after a few previous episodes in the past! Poor little guy. Even with Dramamine and meal considerations before the trip, the windies got to him.

This year JJ wanted to meet in the Saloon, sounds great to me! She walked in with a "present" under her shirt and upon delivering it to me, it's an EPT test... PERFECT! Obviously we shared with her, and most of our family and friends, this next chapter in our lives. SO, with that being said, we laughed and giggled about this present, i told her i'd give it to Hubby for his birthday from her, and then i promptly ordered a drink. I had an incredible Bloody Mary (the memory of it is making my mouth water as i type about it) and i was told is known as the "Georgetown Happy Meal", i concur. After enjoying the Happy Meal, and some free wine tasting, the bartender was clearing it away and saw the EPT test. The look on his face was priceless and then he says "well, that's awkward!" We all laughed so hard! EPT test has already, prematurely, been put to good use as we have taken 1 test and i'm tempted to take another... geeze. i just want to know! This pending "Saintly Status" is really getting in the way of my social libation time.