OK, I may be the only woman in time to actually be excited about nausea. I have had this underlying feeling of ICKY for a few days now but I experienced full fledged nausea when I went to the grocery store. Upon entering, there was an overwhelming smell of plastic and raw meat... disgusting! After gagging a few times and trying to regain my composure i hurried through the store with my nose buried in my shirt, eyes watering almost to the point of not being able to navigate my way and TRYING to just get through the errand. ... let the pregnancy games begin!



It's official!!! I've earned my pregnancy card and have been promoted to Saintly Status! We took the test today (ok 3 tests) and each turned + within 5 seconds. We told Lil Rev the exciting news and he was as precious as can be! one of those times i WISH i had recorded. He was so excited, gave me several hugs and then asked "Mommy, is it going to be hard to take care of 2 kids?" how thoughtful! haha! He randomly thinks of the sweetest things to prepare for the new baby... "i will have to keep my room clean and get rid of all the small toys so the baby doesn't choke on them. I will teach the baby Spanish, Sign Language and how to swim without floaties". Every morning he taps my belly and says "hi baby". We are all very excited! I called Kaiser to see a doctor ASAP but they denied me! they said i have to waaaaaaaaaaaaait a couple more weeks to see the OBGYN (unless there are problems of course). So i scheduled my appointment and have been in a foggy daydreaming state ever since... how can i concentrate on anything else besides nursery design and nesting needs?! thanks for joining our journey, RevilleVille is growing!!!



 After hubby took a swan dive off the roof, so many of our family and friends really rallied together and were such a support to us! Even the offer to help was greatly appreciated. Our neighbor blew the leaves in our front year. Our other neighbor took our trash out and in that week (something JR does, which i could have easily done but it was a great help). Mother in law watched Lil Rev, came to the emergency room the day of the accident and stayed with me at the hospital during hubby's surgery. Our friend took Lil Rev trick or treating on the glorious surgery day - aka Halloween. Friends came by to check out our hearing/air system, father in law drove the 2 hrs drive to visit hubby, and on and on and on. It was heart warming to have so much support  so i  was inspired to give everyone a little sweet token of appreciation. I searched and found this great recipe for pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies, and after a few personal touches i made dozens and dozens of cookies for everyone. I had seen a great idea on Pinterest (gasp, i know - rare!) for making personal goodie bags so i bought cellophane bags, personalized each thank you card,  and handed them out to our loved ones. They were all well received and this will not be the last time for these little goodie bags!