Sudo Vacay

Ok, i may be the only crazy Mom who thinks like this but i feel like I'm on a mini vacation when...
I enjoy a delicious sugary caffeinated beverage while grocery shopping with only 1 kid, and they're sleeping!! Oh & for an extra treat I'll rock out to some music, a little Toxic Britney Spears is my guilty pleasure & goes a long way for this Mama!!
I get to clean the house, uninterrupted!! Now THAT is what i call a great time. Once again, plugged in, Blurred Lines blaring in my ears while I dust, do dishes fold and put away laundry, vacuum, mop, all the while not having to stop and do something for someone else. 
I receive that beautiful summon for JURY DUTY!! It's like a prestigious invitation to be whisked away to the oh so glorious Nothing Land. I know i know i know, i may be the only one on this one but I LOVE JURY DUTY; a place to go, where i listen to music, bring some magazines, strike up convo with strangers, meet interesting people & it really makes for some great people watching adventures. A place where no one is whining "Mommy"  over & over & over again, or needing their butts wiped, or spit up cleaned, or laundry to be done -oh that laundry monster is my nemesis, or dishes washed, or baby to be nursed, or dog to be fed (or saved from a little boy "innocently" playing chase & chasing dog with his sword), or dinners to be made... You get the point. NOTHING. Just sitting there, waiting and entertaining myself with those tabloid trash magazines i love, serving my civic duty, no responsibility but to pass the time away & answer some questions. I love jury duty. Maybe that's why i hardly ever get called :/ Damn that Murphy!
Lastly, the dentist. I guess this is where it gets sadistic BUT once again it is the safe haven from all those things I need to do, or should be doing at home and I just lay there, taking care of myself with nothing else to do but enjoy my music - this I HAVE to have music to drown out the drilling sounds - without the music this little break in my day quickly turns into the nightmare from hell.  

I will continue to enjoy my sudo vacays wrapped as little presents disguised as the mundane tasks in life and maybe someday, hopefully sooner than later, I will get to actually enjoy a real vacation, get rescued from the daily grind and get taken away to Tahoe, or San Francisco, or Napa, or the Coast, or a castle, or Jamaica... am I the only one who feels like this?!? either way, cheers to the little pleasures in life!

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  1. So, my little guilty mind melt get away is a little bit more disgusting... I relish locking myself in the bathroom and sitting on the counter and spending a good hour picking at every zit and oil clogged pore on my face.... I even have this little scraper pimple popper tool that looks like a dental instrument. lol so gross but SOOO therapeutic! I think that beats the dentist one... ;)