1st Day of Kindergarten

Lil Rev started Kindergarten!! I took the day off from work for his 1st day of school with the anticipation of being an emotional wreck considering this big milestone in his life. Surprisingly i held it together, teared up a little while he lined up, and he did an amazing job transitioning into this brand new adventure! Although i do have to say i was a bit sad throughout the day while i cleaned the entire house, finished laundry and was fortunate enough to pick him up right after school (where the tears welled up again) I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be a stay at home mom - so so productive! Lil Rev had great things to say about his 1st experiences of K and the 1st lesson plan was incredible... The Love Light. We are very impressed with his new teacher and happy that the school has a dress code / uniform policy also restricting any media / characters on backpacks, lunchboxes, shoes, etc. But ultimately i am thrilled that the school incorporates Rosetta Stone language program into the curriculum. Hubby and i have taught Lil Rev English, Spanish and ASL from birth as it is very important to us to expose him to other languages and diverse experiences during this optimal window of development. I have spearheaded this endeavor and we been very successful in teaching Lil Rev what i know (and continually learn thanks to Google translate) thus far.  But unfortunately i am not fluent (yet) and i have plateaued... therefore Lil Rev has too. Let me tell you, after years of searching and research there are not many educational institutions that incorporate other languages into daily instruction (which is why we paid premiums $ for his Montessori preschool). So... so far, so great!  We couldn't be happier with our choice of schools for our boy and are excited to get involved!





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