. PERIOD . The Blessed Curse

After a ladies trip to the bathroom, my friend comes out of the stall with a big smile of her face, gives me a big high-five and says "you know that time when you're waiting for your period to start, in the dating scene / not in a monogamous relationship and LATE on your period? WELL, that's this moment and i just started - thank goodness!" HIGH-FIVE! After a mini-celebration i started thinking about the blessed curse of the . period . As she is looking forward to the monthly non-pregnant indicator, i will soon be anxiously awaiting NOT to start. Of course every woman wishes they didn't have their period every month as it can be an uncomfortable, messy, cramping, exhausting, irritating nuisance... but when trying to reproduce - one REALLY doesn't want it to show up! It took me years to fully appreciate this monthly cycle and i am so grateful that i am a woman and have this gift to bare children. It's such a blessing i never take for granted. It's the blessed curse. The curse of having to deal with it EVERY MONTH and the blessing of the purpose. So . period .  I hope to NOT see you in the very near future!

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