Road Trip Adventures

Driving back home on a 600 mile road trip, what adventures do we have the pleasure of experiencing? FLAT TIRE. Well let me preface this by saying we braved the 9hr drive down in the middle of the night, Lil Rev slept the entire time and it was an uneventful drive, thankfully! The trip home is a different story as we left at 11am and by noon we already had a flat tire... well the flat tire followed a forgetful morning leaving the hotel: about 20 minutes from leaving the hotel Lil Rev yells from the back seat "SCOOOOOBY!! Oh no, he's at the hotel!" Upon conferring with hubby about packing, seeing, loading up our boy's beloved stuffed animal, Scooby Doo, we confirmed our distraught boy was right. So we turned around, called the front desk, got another key and low and behold Scooby was tucked into bed, under Lil Rev's favorite Mickey Mouse blanket, under the comforter. Ok, crisis diverted! After breakfast we hopped in our truck & about 1 hr into the trip we hear it... "thug thunk thug thunk" and then smoke starts spewing from the back tire. Hubby pulls over and starts the tire changing process (while i take pictures, haha.)
Shortly thereafter, a guy comes up to us offering help. He works for the Freeway Service Patrol & was very happy to help. Great service, great attitude and helped the process go twice as fast! Thanks Freeway Service Patrol. 8ish more hours to go, sitting in crappy LA traffic and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no more RevilleVille Road Trip Adventures to report...

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