That's Awkward

During our annual camping trip (aka Conception Kick Off Party this year) i always meet my Mother In Law (we'll call her "JJ") at  the end of the week to drop of our boy with her for the weekend so we can celebrate my Hubby's birthday / adult Shenanigans with our friends.

SIDENOTE:  Our meeting place is about 1 hr away from her and i, in the mountains, winding down into town and Lil Rev usually gets car sick. Luckily, he only threw up ONCE this trip and we were prepared with a "Burp Bucket" JJ got us after a few previous episodes in the past! Poor little guy. Even with Dramamine and meal considerations before the trip, the windies got to him.

This year JJ wanted to meet in the Saloon, sounds great to me! She walked in with a "present" under her shirt and upon delivering it to me, it's an EPT test... PERFECT! Obviously we shared with her, and most of our family and friends, this next chapter in our lives. SO, with that being said, we laughed and giggled about this present, i told her i'd give it to Hubby for his birthday from her, and then i promptly ordered a drink. I had an incredible Bloody Mary (the memory of it is making my mouth water as i type about it) and i was told is known as the "Georgetown Happy Meal", i concur. After enjoying the Happy Meal, and some free wine tasting, the bartender was clearing it away and saw the EPT test. The look on his face was priceless and then he says "well, that's awkward!" We all laughed so hard! EPT test has already, prematurely, been put to good use as we have taken 1 test and i'm tempted to take another... geeze. i just want to know! This pending "Saintly Status" is really getting in the way of my social libation time.

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