Let's Flip a Coin

What a big decision to expand a family, have another baby, get pregnant AGAIN, abstain from caffeine/alcohol (and other vices) for what may seem like an eternity. After several months of debating we have decided! Last year we talked a lot about it; yes? no? maybe so? Luckily we were both on the same page "absolutely YES and absolutely NO!" ... must have been in the Book of Indecisions. In the fall Hubby even put the subject "off limits" until the New Year... guess what was my topic of discussion after our champagne toast and New Year's kiss at 12:01am? i did not feel my biological clock ticking but i continued to watch my son grow and grow and grow. It got to the point where we were going to flip a coin to decide whether or not to have another one. There are so many factors that contribute to the big decision and my biggest concern is TIME with our family. As my husband and I both have rewarding full-time careers, i cringed at the idea of bringing another miracle into our world to pay someone else to spend 50+ hours a week with them. The money is not an issue for us, although a minor consideration, it is the heart-break i have had to deal with already in raising our only son; and continue to grapple with it from time to time. We had the fortunate situation to work our schedules to keep Lil-Rev out of daycare for the 1st year of his life. Then it was off to this "facility" where he was mixed and mingled with dozens of other kids from 8a - 6p. It is still difficult for me on some days but he loves to socialize, has learned invaluable skills through his daycare experiences and i continue to remind myself about all the advantages he has from his fabulous childhood this far. Lil-Rev is 5 now and we have decided... it's baby making time! He is so independent now, we have had 5 wonderful years to dedicate to him, spoil and love him (after business hours of course) and perhaps subconsciously i had been waiting for him to be able to effectively wipe his own butt, which i imagine will be a great skill to have with a newborn around! A couple months ago my husband texted me "...BTW get your IUD removed and let's see what happens"! My response?... "FYI that IS NOT a BTW type of text!" and so it began. I felt like the nesting and excitement instantly kicked in (with a side of fright and panic shortly thereafter). Made my appointments and actually called in the day before the big IUD removal day to confirm everyone was on the same page (1st time i ever have followed up about a Dr. appointment). Click on link for post about that Doct's appointment = I Don't Appreciate Your Non-Enthuasisum

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  1. I laughed about the butt wiping comment. I actually held my 11-week old while trying to wipe the 3-year-olds butt. Clearly it was the highlight of my day.