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If you know me, you may know that i have been "blogging" for years... "blogging-ish" is probably a better description. I have used blogging as a journal, for inspirational writing, as an aid to process plans and events in my life, etc. I get excited about a new idea for a blog, start it, post a couple (or not) then that's that. Well here's another one BUT the difference is that this is one that i will continually have something to add because it's about my family, my life. So i have this 5 year old little boy who is the funniest little guy i have ever met (unbiased of course)! He says the most random, hilarious things that makes my husband and i crack up everyday. As any parent out there, or caregiver who has the pleasure of spending time with children, you know what i'm talking about. The innocence of a child's brain trying to connect various pieces in their world by asking copious amounts of questions and behaving in such an immature, childish manner... gotta love them! It seems like everyday i have a "hilarious" story to tell a co-worker about what my boy did (yeah, i'm one of those moms). After we all laugh about this or that they say "you really need to write that one down". Thank goodness for Facebook, which thus far has been my "mommy journal" keeping track of all those precious, embarassing and funny moments that parenthood can bring. Through daily comedy bits from our 5 year old and pending miracles on the horizon, we wanted to share with our family and friends (and visitors too) the antics, challenges and exhilirating adventures happening in RevilleVille. With planning to expand our family, i have expanded my forum: so here it is... another blog! and a recent artpiece from my lil guy, we'll call him Lil-Rev:

One morning Lil-Rev woke up wanting to make me a "decoration". He got out his crayones, hole puncher, asked for string and then after a few minutes he had me close my eyes and presented me with this. I asked what it was and he said "it's a picture of you and me and you're wearing your Chi-Chi Covers"! Well at least we both have big smiles :D

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