Grow One Out

A conversation with Lil Rev in the car:
"Mommy, i want a baby brother or sister"
Me: I'll talk to Daddy about it
LR: ok, if he says yes will you grow one out?
Me: we'll have to see
LR: how do babies come out anyways?
Me: well it's quite magical. (HOPING this convo ends soon!)
LR: how mommy?
Me: when the baby has grown enough and is ready to be born, mommies go to the hospital and the doctors help babies be born.
LR: how?
Me: well doctors cut mommies tummy with a scalpel to take the baby out. That's one way babies can be born.
LR: did that happen to you?
Me: yes (referring to my 1st pregnancy over 10yrs ago that resulted in an open adoption- which i have not told Lil Rev about before... Yet)
LR: is that how i was hatched?
Me: no
LR: are you someone else's Mommy?
Me: yes
LR: oh. How was i hatched?
Me: well, when you get older I'll tell you all about it. It's a little hard for a 5 year old to understand. (truth is it's hard for MOMMY to explain to a 5 year old)
LR: when I'm 6 will you tell me?
Me: we'll see
LR: ok
I bet this will be his 1st business of order on his 6th birthday!! I have a couple months to prepare for this...

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