The other night i heard Lil Rev say "where's my F'CKN shoes?"
I asked him what he said and he repeated his sentence... then the following conversation took place (oh these convos!):
Me: well actually that's a very bad word
LR: what? F'CKN?
Me: yes. it's a really bad word. we don't say that word.
LR: what does F'CKN mean?
Me: well it means something worse that "stupid, hate and shut up" (the only bad words he knows thus far).
LR: what happens if i say F'CKN at school?
Me: 1st, stop saying it! you don't say bad words at school, you can get in trouble.
LR: will i get sent to the office if i say F'CKN?
Me: maybe, and there will be consequences at home too. stop saying it. there are other words you can say instead.
LR: F'CKN sounds funny. F'CKN is a funny word. 

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