I never would have imagined that i'd be looking forward to those 1st indicators of pregnancy; nausea, achy boobies, exhaustion BUT WHERE ARE YOU tell tale signs? I'm awaiting your arrival with open arms and look forward to all those symptoms and side effects of the miracle of creating a baby. Thus far, nada! ok well i DID pull a muscle in my back last week (unrelated to the baby making process) and have had pretty severe back pains but that of course is not any indicator whatsoever. AND i have had some cramping here and there which could be 3 things. 1) the egg is attaching to the uterine wall and my body is in beginning phases of preparing for this incredible journey. 2) my egg is passing through my Fallopian tube getting ready to be released. 3) my mind is playing tricks on me.
I'm embracing option #1 :)

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