We reserve our right to bear lethal arms...

...and traps to lawfully kill any intruders, including you, you beast of a rat!!! So thankful i have my own personal exterminator or else i would be besides myself. We enjoy many perks of living on 1/3 acre with a beautiful creek that runs through our property, but RATS are not one of them. Luckily we don't have a big problem... well let me take that back. That monstrous rat IS BIG but no issues yet. My hubby has tried several things and through his trials, errors and successes i have deducted that those rodents are geniuses!! I guess it's survival if the fittest / smartest instinct that kicks in as they learn how to get around various traps and NOT to go for the food luring them on the other side of a Super Sticky thingamabobber BUT hubby out smarted them with a Supreme Super Sonic Zapping Condo of a trap. And day 2 has brought us 2 dead rats! Woohoo! Victory in Revilleville

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