2 months since last post

Whoa how time flies when i'm busy posting on Instagram! Today is the 67th day of the #100daysofhappiness challenge and it's really helped me pull out of the postpartum blues, focus on the positive and appreciate all the happiness around me. Guess what... apparently there is this phenomenon called Law of Attraction and the happiness continues to find me once i found it, and just as powerful is the power of the downward spiral, ha! i was caught in it before i started the challenge and almost tripped myself up a few days ago but i dug deep and got back out. This is what we've been up to:

I've been working hard at getting my new life in order and let me tell you, Baby Love is just as lovely as can be! This past week we worked on Sleep Training and that has been a complete success. We were co-sleeping and that was working fine until it wasn't anymore. She would have a difficult time going to sleep for the night, she would wake up multiple times throughout the night (& i would nurse her back to sleep each time) and really was just not sleeping well. NOW she sleeps through the night 10-12 hrs! It was difficult at first as she yelled at us for 90min the 1st night, she was pissed! But it's gotten easier every night and tonight she only fussed for 4 minutes.

A couple weekends ago, me and Baby Love went on our 1st road trip 5 hrs away along the California Coast and met my best friend for the weekend. We had met the exact place 6yrs ago, i had taken Lil Rev on our 1st road trip & we made his 1st birthday invitation. So to keep traditions alive we met again and assembled her invitations. I haven't mailed them out so i can't post pictures yet but they turned out really cute!

Today i finally was able to put a little photoshoot together for the finishing touches for her invitation. The theme is "Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice" Polka Dot style. It's getting harder and harder to photograph this curious, mobile one!


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