It's official!!! I've earned my pregnancy card and have been promoted to Saintly Status! We took the test today (ok 3 tests) and each turned + within 5 seconds. We told Lil Rev the exciting news and he was as precious as can be! one of those times i WISH i had recorded. He was so excited, gave me several hugs and then asked "Mommy, is it going to be hard to take care of 2 kids?" how thoughtful! haha! He randomly thinks of the sweetest things to prepare for the new baby... "i will have to keep my room clean and get rid of all the small toys so the baby doesn't choke on them. I will teach the baby Spanish, Sign Language and how to swim without floaties". Every morning he taps my belly and says "hi baby". We are all very excited! I called Kaiser to see a doctor ASAP but they denied me! they said i have to waaaaaaaaaaaaait a couple more weeks to see the OBGYN (unless there are problems of course). So i scheduled my appointment and have been in a foggy daydreaming state ever since... how can i concentrate on anything else besides nursery design and nesting needs?! thanks for joining our journey, RevilleVille is growing!!!

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